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Lamatrekking Ticino

With our lamas we accompany you on a half-day / day / multi-day trekking through the marvellous scenery of Monte Comino in the Centovalli.

During the trekking, the llamas will transport your luggage in special saddlebags. This makes the planning of those tours easier that come with included meals and overnight stays in natural surroundings: the animals will carry the entire luggage. Thanks to the good-natured character and the adaptability of the llamas, young and old alike enjoy the trekking in a way not possible with other pack animals. It would not have the same emotional impact. The kids do not complain about the exertions of the trip, quite the contrary: at the end of the journey they are sad to leave their accompanying llamas behind. More and more people appreciate this unique possibility to explore and discover the hidden beauties of our region with the llamas. For hours you can escape the rush of everyday life with your family and friends to experience peaceful moments and share the most important things in life.